Our Team


  J.C. and Deborah Webb started J.C Webb Towing in the summer of 1994.  Both J.C. and Deborah have lived in Lemoore all their lives.  J.C. worked for his dad in the 60's and 70's right at the same location the tow shop is at now but back then it was a tractor repair shop.  Purchased by a previous owner in the 80's they tore the old repair shop down and built a new shop.  J.C. and Deborah have been located at this location since 2004.


     Richard Webb and Marcos Nino, work day and night to serve the people that call us.


   We have two of the most honest, honorable and hard working ladies in our office.  Sherry and Tammy.  They are also Ministers of the gospel so if you need prayer just ask them.